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Treat the gas tank like an air compressor!
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As a compressed air supply device, air compressors are an indispensable part of every industrial manufacturing plant, and air storage tanks, as a supporting product for compressed air, have also entered thousands of factories along with air compressors. The air compressor gas tank is a high-pressure container accessory. It has not attracted people's attention due to its simple structure and low failure rate. However, with the improvement of our safety awareness, its huge volume and stored high-pressure gas have also become indispensable for us. Ignored important issues.










1. The role of gas storage tanks

The air storage tank is an important equipment in the air supply system. The design of the compressed air storage tank usually has the following functions:


1. Store air. There is no place inside the air compressor to store compressed air. Once the compressed air is generated, it must be used. This kind of working method is not ideal. With an air storage tank, you can blow in the compressed air first. The air storage tank reaches a certain pressure, and then when the pressure drops to a certain level, the air compressor restarts;


2. Stable air pressure. The air pressure of the air compressor is very unstable and fluctuates greatly when it is working. Using the air storage tank can control the air pressure in a proper range and eliminate the pulsation of the air flow in the pipeline. With the air storage tank, the compressed air output by the air compressor has a buffering place, so that the air source pressure can be better maintained At a set value, the gas system can get a constant pressure;


3. Cooling and dehumidifying, further cooling the air, separating and eliminating impurities such as moisture and oil in the compressed air, reducing the workload of other post-processing equipment downstream of the pipe network, so that all kinds of gas equipment can obtain the required quality of air source, small air The air storage tank that comes with the compressor is also used as the installation base frame for the air compressor body and other accessories;


4. Energy-saving protection. The frequent start and stop of the air compressor will cause the motor's current consumption to be very large. With the air storage tank, the frequent start and stop of the air compressor can be avoided. The air compressor will automatically stop when the air is full, so that the air compressor will not be allowed to run all the time and waste electric energy;


5. Observe the air quality. During the operation of the machine, the air terminal often has feedback on the quality of the compressed air, which is mostly concentrated on issues such as high moisture, high fuel consumption, and low pressure. The feedback problems are drained through the air storage tank. , Exhaust gas storage tank is indispensable.



The compressed air compressed by the air compressor becomes high-temperature and high-humidity gas when it is discharged from the body. When passing through the gas storage tank, the temperature gradually decreases, and part of the condensed water sinks to the bottom of the gas storage tank to be discharged, and the small oil inside is precipitated and swirled As the condensed water is discharged together, a large amount of water and oil can be discharged in a simple, economical and reliable way through the stabilizing buffer of the air storage tank, thereby improving the quality of compressed air.





2. Daily installation, use, maintenance and management specifications

The gas storage tank is composed of a tank body, a safety valve, a pressure gauge, a flange, a connection pipe, a support, a sewage outlet and other parts. The operation and maintenance of the gas storage tank is also very skillful. If it is used and maintained improperly, it may cause poor gas quality. High, there will be unforeseen problems such as safety hazards when it is serious. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone here that we must treat the air storage tank like an air compressor. The following describes the daily installation, use, maintenance and management of gas storage tanks:


1. Procurement of gas storage tanks from regular brand manufacturers, and go through the use registration procedures at the safety supervision agency or authorized department;


2. When installing the air storage tank, use elbows as little as possible to avoid reducing the pressure. The interface must be low in and high out, and the end connected to the air compressor must be low. The purpose is to reduce the water content in the compressed air;


3. The gas storage tank should be kept ventilated and dry, and it is strictly forbidden to pile up debris around;


4. On-site maintenance personnel should drain the gas storage tank at least twice a day. Drain once in the morning and observe the quality of the drain to judge the quality of the compressed air. Drain once at night to prevent the cooling water from freezing and blocking the drain when the temperature is too low in winter. It is recommended to install an automatic drain valve if the gas quality requirements are high;


5. Check the value and position of the pressure gauge of the gas tank every day. The value of the pressure gauge of the gas tank should be slightly lower than the pressure on the air compressor panel when working online. The normal position of the pressure gauge of the gas tank after the pressure is released It should be in the zero state. When the pressure indicator of the gas storage tank is found to be abnormal (that is, the gas storage tank pressure gauge is malfunctioning), it should be replaced in time if it fails. It is strictly forbidden to use overpressure during work. The upper limit of tank working pressure is marked with a red line;




6. Observe the air intake process, whether the pipeline and the tank body of the gas storage tank leak until it reaches the working pressure. If there is a leak, it should be repaired in time;


7. Check whether there is corrosive gas and fluid around the gas storage tank every day;


8. Air compressor after-sales personnel conduct regular inspections, check whether the gas storage tank body is rusty, damaged, and repair it in time; check whether the welding seam of the gas storage tank is firm, whether the sealing ring is aging, and paint the tank body if necessary Do anti-rust treatment again;


9. The pressure gauge and safety valve of the gas storage tank are checked every year. For pressure vessels that require annual inspection, the annual inspection must be carried out at the specified time, and the replacement plan of the gas storage tank shall be completed before the expiration of the design life, and the approval procedures shall be completed at the same time .


Although the gas storage tank is simple in structure, stable and reliable, in order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, it is still necessary to choose a regular manufacturer, standardize the operation, adhere to the management specifications of the air compressor gas storage tank, and conduct annual inspections in accordance with the requirements every year. This not only stabilizes the safety of the workshop, but also maintains its own safety, and more effectively avoids accidents.


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