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Oil-free compressor

Clean compressed air is needed for drug manufacturing, and the gas supply of oil-free compressor just meets the standard. Oil-free compressor is popular in the pharmaceutical industry.

Oil-free advantage/OILFREEADVANTAGE


Replace oil with water to realize the four major functions of lubrication, cooling, bee and noise reduction, provide high-quality and pure oil-free air, pollution-free, and discharge water without special treatment, which meets environmental protection requirements.

2high efficiency

1. The volume utilization rate of the screw groove is high;
2. Material clearance volume, large single machine capacity;
3. Ideal isothermal compression.

3Long life

The symmetry of the structure and the possibility of reflux air setting make the radial and axial forces generated by the single-screw compressor work completely smooth. Therefore, the design life of the compressor is as high as 300,000 hours.

4Good balance of forces

Reasonable structure, with ideal force balance

5Low noise

The cabinet has good sound insulation materials, the air inlet is equipped with a noise-absorbing filter, and the compressor and electric shock have vibration damping pads, which further reduces the vibration and noise of the machine.

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