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What are the advantages of oil-free air compressors?
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One: Abandon the trouble of oil removal

Generally, ordinary air compressors use lubricating oil in order to operate normally, and the lubricating oil has strong viscosity, and the compressed gas contains a certain degree of oiliness, which makes it difficult to clean the air compressor, and the current cleaning equipment is not It is possible to achieve 100% removal. The compressed gas does not contain oiliness, which is unique to oil-free air compressors.


   Two: Save money

Before the appearance of high-quality oil-free air compressors, some water outlet equipment lost the function of removing water due to the oil in the compressed air during operation, but oil-free air compressors did not need to worry about such problems at all. The air that comes out does not contain oil, which not only protects the water outlet equipment and allows it to operate normally, but also saves the funds for maintaining the water outlet equipment;


   Three: Save lubricating oil

   Ordinary air compressors use lubricating oil, and if you want the equipment to operate efficiently, you must use lubricating oil continuously. It may not be noticeable if you consume it in a day, but it is hard to imagine over time. The oil-free air compressor avoids the above situation and can use other lubricants instead of lubricating oil, which greatly reduces the use of lubricating oil.

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