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Oil-free scroll air compressor

1. Pure oil-free gas, which meets various high-precision gas supply needs such as medical, food, pharmaceutical GMP certification, textiles, electronics, etc.; 2. The compression chamber of the host does not contain any grease, and there is no need to add any lubricating oil, and the compressed gas is clean and pollution-free ; 3. The dynamic and static disks of the main engine do not touch friction and run, no wearing parts, and the exhaust is continuous and stable; 4. Low maintenance costs, only normal maintenance and cleaning of the air filter are required; 5. Electromechanical integration, small size, long life, and operation Low cost; 6.It is more energy-efficient when used nearby, compared with other models of the same power; 7.Humanized design, mobile operation and maintenance are extremely simple; 8.Light noise, low energy consumption, in line with the new concept of environmental protection.

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Medical, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical, pharmaceutical production, medical gas, and dental gas;

Precision, semiconductor precision manufacturing, conductor equipment, gas source push, precision positioning;

Food and industrial gas filling, screening and selection, food mixing, gas packaging;

Electronics, instrument gas dust removal, instrumentation;

Spraying, printing, meticulous spraying, printing and binding, uniform spraying, gas coating;

Golf equipment gas cleaning, ball decontamination, driving range management and other high-demand and high-precision places.

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