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Want an air compressor to last longer?
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Bones Air Compressor will take you to analyze from the following aspects.


   1. Choose high-quality air compressors


  The performance index and service life of an air compressor depend on the design level. The air compressor with proper design, good stability and strong purpose is the basic guarantee for long life.


   2. Install the air compressor correctly


   The proper installation of the air compressor can ensure that the air compressor works according to the design plan parameters. If the installation is wrong, it will cause a series of problems such as high temperature of the air compressor exhaust pipe, large vibration, and abnormal noise. Bones air compressors have received professional training of technicians, and give you reliable installation services.


  3. Set the main parameters


Properly setting the main parameters of the air compressor operation can make the equipment in a high-efficiency and stable operation condition and increase the service life of the equipment. After installing the equipment, the air compressor will carry out equipment adjustment again. According to the company's specific air consumption, the displacement of the air compressor is appropriately and effectively set to ensure the air supply of the air compressor and avoid the waste of energy consumption of the air compressor.


   Bonays air compressors are directly supplied by the manufacturer and the price is more favorable and the after-sales service is more complete.


   4. Daily maintenance


   When the equipment is running, the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment are carried out on time, which can make the air compressor operate efficiently and increase the service life of the equipment.


5. Attention should be paid to the temporary use of the air compressor:


① The storage site should be dry, well ventilated, and at a suitable temperature.


  ②The pipes and routes are neat, tidy and well insulated.


  ③Safety devices (such as safety valves, automatic or protective devices) should be kept properly.


④The equipment and the working environment are neat, without oil traces, and the identification plates are complete; the pipelines and routes are connected reliably.


   Bones oil-free air compressors provide you with 100% oil-free water-lubricated air compressors.

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